7 Day Challenge!

Challenge yourself! It’s August, let’s heat things up even more and challenge ourselves each and every day for one week.  Starting Sunday August 13th for seven days we will post the challenge of the day, it is up to you to take it on!… we bet you are capable of more than you think.

Take the challenge in the club, at home, at work or wherever you are! Share your success with us- post a video , photo or comment. The challenges will be posted on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and Instagram eveyday. 



Day 1 - take one minute – do as many push-ups as you can do in that minute.  For a modification, do the push-ups with your knees on the ground.  You can do these anywhere, check out Betty Lou doing them at the Fitness Desk!


Day 2  – hold a plank for 30 seconds – and of course we want GOOD form! Got more in you, try a one minute hold. Here are three intensity levels, plank on stability ball, with one leg lifted or with knees on the ground. How intense will you get?


Day 3 – hop to it – jump rope for one minute. If you don’t have a rope, just pretend you do.


Day 4 – Jump Squats – time one minute and see how many you can do. Need a modification, just do regular squats and use a light ball or even a water bottle as a counter weight for better stability.


Day 5  – Lunges! 30 Seconds on each leg. Do a front lunge right into a reverse lunge on the same leg for 30 seconds, then switch legs.


Day 6 -  You’ve got this!  high knees for a full minute, really get those knees up high the whole time! Want less impact, take out the bounce and do standing knee raises like Kathy.