The best club in the area, by far.........offers something for everyone. Great weight room. Lots of cardio. More class variety than most all clubs in the metro area. And, to top it off......a friendly 'community' type atmosphere. Everyone can find their happy place here. Oh.....did I mention that all the new renovations are incredible!?

 - Olga B.


I'm thrilled to be a part of it! I love the club and all of the wonderful members, trainers, and staff. I felt like I belonged there immediately.

 - Dana D.


The new layout is awesome! Everyone is so friendly!

 - Kelly C.


Beautiful new facility with renovations complete in April, 2015 - by far the best gym/club I've seen in the Boston area for the price of membership, which also includes a full range of classes and amenities. The staff are very friendly and really make the club an enjoyable place to be!

 - Sarah P.


I have been a member for over two months and I have loved my experience thus far. Spacious and clean facility. Staff is always very friendly and attentive. Even at peek times it is never too crowded and there is always equipment available. Nothing in the area is even comparable for the cost! Thank you for a great fitness center!

 - Paulo T.


I have enjoyed coming to work out at this gym. I am in much better condition after working with Trevor. My work involves sitting at a computer all day and I had back and shoulder issues. Those are now in the past. It not only helped in that aspect, but I also enjoy many other active interests even more. I'd say to definitely come, enjoy, do cardio, swim, work with a trainer, whatever makes you happy.

 - Judi L.


Great "club" with a true variety of classes, spaces, and of course, great instructors. The new atmosphere is spacious, and inviting. My favorite classes are Spin (an amazing workout!), Body Sculpt and Body Pump (both great ways to build muscle and stay toned). Don't be shy about trying Spin - every instructor encourages new members, and each class is a welcoming place where you can work at your own pace, and set your own goals (no competition, really!).

 - Robyn H.


I'm a fairly new member, I joined this past April and have been enjoying the club and the various classes.  All the instructors have been great. Just wanted to pass on a huge compliment to CJ who subbed for Deb in the Thursday gentle yoga class on July 16th.  He was fantastic, the class was well attended with about 18 people.  He got a huge round of applause after the class and many people, including myself and my husband, complimented him after the class.

- MJ


Waverly Oaks is a wonderful club. The staff and instructors are friendly and helpful and I have met some of my best friends there. From the front desk to the front office everyone is willing to do whatever it takes to make their members feel like they are getting the best any club can offer. The folks who clean and maintain the club are wonderful too. They even remain friendly while we are dripping all over the floor in the locker room.

 - Sara M.


I love everything about this club. It has awesome staff and members - everyone is friendly, kind, welcoming. Whether you're a novice or an expert, you will love it - there are so many choices. The class instructors make exercise really fun. It's clean, well maintained and I'm so excited for the pool to re-open. I especially LOVE the steam room. I've worked out in a lot of gyms and I can't say enough good things about Waverley Oaks Athletic Club

 - Rochelle W.


I rejoined WOAC after an eight year hiatus. I loved the old club for its homey feel, courteous staff and solid facilities. But the renovated gym is a whole different experience. The facilities are amazing. They have every possible piece of equipment you could want. The variety of classes they offer is wonderful. There are classes throughout the morning, afternoon and evening - Pilates, yoga, cardio, muscle and even Piyo and Les Mills. The pool is now salt water which is great - less harsh chlorine added. They offer family swim time and all sorts of aquatic classes too. The best part of the new club for me is the childcare. There is a 1500 sq. foot play area for kids with tons of toys that would appeal to kids of different ages. My two (3 yo and 20 months) love playing there and even ASK to go there. Many of the same staff is still there and everyone is polite and above all helpful. The family membership is a little pricey but well worth the money for everything you get in my opinion.

 - Monica C.


If you had been a member in the past, and gave up your membership because you were dissatisfied - take another look at WOAC's reincarnation!  It's nothing like it had been before; outdated, broken equipment, unfriendly; and in some cases unhelpful staff.  
The new Waverley Oaks Athletic Club is absolutely stunning and completely unrecognizable from it's past.  Very contemporary/clean lines with a wonderful sense of openness and cleanliness.  New equipment, tremendous staff, excellent programs for all levels of fitness.  A good portion of the management team (Adam, Heather) were poached from Mount Auburn Club and they are fabulous - helpful, professional, "flexible", approachable and friendly.  
WOAC is offering a day pass for those who want to "try before you buy".  I skipped the pass and opted  for a dual membership.  My partner and I both had memberships with another club. Our current membership cost for his and mine is less than one of our memberships - impressive.  All in all, I'm thrilled to be back!

 - Lisa E.


I joined in the fall (2014), and even without the locker room, pool, and some other renovations complete, I am super pleased with WOAC. The renovations, which now include beautiful, roomy, well-stocked and functional strength and cardio areas  are inviting to this weight-room novice. The strength area is open, as opposed to setups where the 'heavy duty' lifting area is separated from the 'lighter weight' lifting area; it invites me to use any of the equipment (within safety guidelines for my ability) without feeling like a stranger in a heavy lifters zone. For the most part, folks are courteous about not dominating a piece of equipment for extended periods of time without letting anyone else 'sub in.' Wide weight range and multiple sets of dumb bells from 5 pounds to.. who knows what.
The atmosphere overall is inviting. I see folks of a very wide range of ages and abilities, and everyone does their 'thing.' Although I try not to go at peak hours, there are always treadmills available, and they are up on a mezzanine overlooking the strength area. This adds to the open and welcoming feel of the facility. The new fitness studio looks awesome - now I just need to peel away from my beloved running and strength regimen and enjoy some!
Oh, and did I mention that WOAC has tons of natural light? And beyond the parking lot, overlooks a nice-looking marsh with a brook running through it? Here, have a pretty sunset while you sweat.
Because I've moved around a fair amount, I've belonged to many gyms/athletic facilities; this one wins by a landslide, and still manages to be within my *very* limited student budget.
Lastly, comparing notes with a neighbor, WOAC is actually a far better value than 'PF' for what you get as far as the quality of the facilities, complementary classes, availability of a pool (salt water pool coming soon!) and the overall atmosphere. $10/month is useless if you're not excited about going.
So yeah. I'm a little psyched on WOAC!

 - Emily S.