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Adam Healy General Manager Waverley OaksAdam Healy - General Manager

Adam is a sixteen year veteran of the fitness industry and has been involved in all aspects of health club management. From his early days of running youth programs to his time as a co-owner of a local club, Adam has been able to learn all aspects of how to create a full service facility that members can be proud to call their own. Prior to joining Waverley Oaks Athletic Club, Adam was the Member Services Director at the Mount Auburn Club and also served on the Board of Directors of the New England Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association for the last four years.

Building our sense of community here at Waverley Oaks is the top priority! Consistent communications will be used to make sure that everyone who uses our Club has the information they need. Adam will meet regularly with members and staff to gather all of the great ideas on how the Club can continue to improve day after day. When your experience at the Club exceeds expectations you will tell friends and family and our Waverley Oaks community will continue to grow! To reach Adam please e-mail


Jon Mack Fitness Director Waverley OaksJon Mack - Fitness Director

Jon brings over fifteen years of experience in the fitness industry to both the club and corporate fitness settings. He comes to Waverley Oaks after spending the last 15 years at The Thoreau Club in Concord, MA where he most recently served as the Personal Training Director for the last 7 years. Jon has the knowledge and experience to work with all levels of ability from members in their teens to adults in their 80’s. His clients range from high school and collegiate athletes, healthy adults as well as those with all types of physical and neurological limitations. Jon also teaches corporate fitness classes in the area and has also consulted with numerous employers in the Boston area who are looking to start wellness programs for their employees.

Jon is always available for a complimentary consultation with any member (or future member) who wishes to discuss what their current fitness routine is and how he can be of help to them. Whether your needs are to reinvigorate your current routine, overcome a new or existing injury, set goals or just to discuss anything health and wellness related please contact Jon at


Heather Kamenelis Wellness Director Waverley OaksHeather Healy - Wellness Programs Manager

Heather has been sharing her love of fitness with members of clubs across this country for over 10 years. As a competitive swimmer and water polo player throughout college it was a natural transition to begin a career in our Industry after graduating. Heather attained certifications in Group Fitness, Personal Training and Wellness Programing and came to realize the multiple ways she could impact the lives of those she was in contact with. Most recently Heather was at the Mount Auburn Club overseeing their member integration process and creation of group training programs.

The Wellness Programs Manager position here at Waverley Oaks will allow Heather to use all of these previous experiences to help members get more out of their plan here at the Club. Heather will directly oversee all of our Group Fitness Classes and will be constantly looking for new programs to add to an already strong schedule. In addition, she has created a data driven Wellness Appointment Series that will allow members to better understand their vital health statistics so workouts can be custom designed and results can be measured and tracked so accomplishments can be rewarded. Feel free to contact Heather at anytime to discuss how we can help you get here to Waverley Oaks even more!


Kathy Arena - Membership Director

Kathy has loved physical activity from the young age of 3 years old when she began taking dance lessons adding figure skating when she was 11yrs old. She opened a dance studio during her senior of high school and ran her business for 10 years. Kathy danced professionally in London during the year she spent there as an exchange student.

After selling her business she became a leadership trainer for a national training and development organization, directing 3 month leadership programs and traveling throughout the country as one of the company’s top 10 guest event speakers.

Kathy entered the fitness industry in 2008 and in the last 7 years has held the positions of Director of Sales, Corporate Sales Manager, General Manager, and most recently, Regional Membership Director for the Healthworks Group. It has been an easy transition since she was able to combine her love for exercise and her passion for motivating people to achieve their goals. 

Her commitment to each member and guest of Waverley Oaks is that they experience a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment every time they walk into the club. Please reach out to Kathy with any questions or feedback related to membership at


Kristin Dallacosta - Childcare Supervisor