Fitness Center Gym Waverley Oaks

The goal of the Fitness Department at Waverley Oaks is to create an environment where we have something for everyone who walks through our door to be active. Our new center is designed with plenty of natural light and room to move comfortably throughout all of the different areas. We have thoughtfully selected a wide variety of equipment to serve the needs of our members from those rehabbing an injury to those who want optimum performance in their athletic endeavors.

Our Team of Certfied Fitness Professionals will create programming and classes designed with both established principles of exercise as well as emerging trends in movement science. Training is personalized so if you have been exercising for your entire life or if you are just getting started we can customize your plan to achieve the results you desire. We will work with you to increase your ability regardless of age or limitations.

For more information about how Waverley Oaks can help you reach your health and wellness goals, please contact Jon Mack our Fitness Director at or fill out the form below

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