Member Success Stories

I don't believe I fully understood the journey I was beginning when I started training with Heather.  In principle, I always thought of "working out" as a small piece of life - something to squeeze into the day.  The training I have done with Heather Kamenelis has transformed that original concept, as well as my life and body. I began this process with little hope of attaining a fit physique, which is what brought me to seeking out a trainer.  Heather immediately struck me with her positivity, compassion, and workout mantras.  One of the first things she said to me was she wanted to teach me to train independently.  Learning became a major component to everything that we did in our workout sessions.  

Now, I look in the mirror and think brave, strong, beast, Wonder Woman.  I attribute this shift to Heather, who has not only led me on a journey into owning my own athletic independence, but also completely changed my concept of fitness.  Athleticism went from something unattainable, to something I live in my body each day.  This mental and physical metamorphosis is not something I could have done on my own.  Which is why I consider Heather's personal training to be a mentorship, where I was able to really challenge myself alongside her guidance.  

The goals are attainable, the process liberating, and as a woman I feel confident on the free weight floor among men twice my size.  This certainty and self-sufficiency has real life value for me.  Beyond the physique, and health that came with this process; the piece that is priceless is walking into the workout and feeling like I know what to do.  I carry that courage around with me, beyond the gym -  I attribute the development of this tenacity to Heather Kamenelis. Namaste - Blair F.


"My experience working with Matthew over the past 3 months has been really terrific.  As a 60-plus year old woman leading a sedentary lifestyle, I was really concerned that a trainer would begin at too difficult a level which would result in an injury.  Matthew did a great job determining a good - but still challenging - starting point for me and has gradually increased the difficulty and intensity of my workouts.  I really appreciate that he changes up the routine with new and unusual activities, and that we work on building balance and coordination as well as strength.  I sleep better, and have more energy, and will be hiking up Mt. Greylock this weekend!  I am very grateful to be working with Matthew and would highly recommend him as a trainer to anyone." - Diana


While we were away and busy the last 3 weeks I realized that I have not felt so good in probably ten years, and that I was able to do a lot more walking, moving, lifting etc also. Yes, I know part of it is because of my efforts at the gym, but I must give Teri an equal amount of credit for helping to keep me on track, changing, correcting, and modifying my programs - and equally as important, encouraging me and praising me for even the smallest improvement. THANK you very much! - Susan