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Waverley Oaks Group Class Exercise Studio
Waverley Oaks Spin Cycle Studio

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Summer Schedule Starts June 12: Click Here for the Schedule

Group Fitness Classes are a vital part of the experience here at Waverley Oaks. Research has shown that members who participate in these classes use the club more frequently and get better results than those who simply try and exercise on their own. The top 3 reasons for this are:

  • Once you find a class you love then that becomes an "appointment" in your weekly schedule. You will come to the club more regularly when you feel like you have to be here on a certain day at a specific time in order to participate. This is the beginning of creating the habit of regular exercise.
  • Instructor led classes provide you with expert guidance to maximize the time you are dedicating to being here. They will provide you with a complete program from start to finish and all you need to do is follow along and give as much effort as you can. You wouldn't go to school without teachers so why exercise without Instructors?
  • Being active is more FUN in classes! We're all social creatures by nature so having the camaraderie of other members with you sharing the experience is a powerful force that draws people to take classes time and time again.

We have divided the schedule into 4 groups listed on the side navigation. The class schedules and descriptions are contained on those pages.


Winter Storm Updates: Waverley Oaks Athletic Club Programs are determined based on the Waltham Public School Schedule. If Waltham Public Schools are Closed or Delayed then all classes at the Club are cancelled through 1pm. The Club will provide updates about afternoon and evening programs later in the day.

To see if Waltham Public Schools are Closed or Delayed please click on these links:                                                    

List of School Closings              City of Waltham Facebook Page