Featured Instructor of the Month

July - Michelle Hardiman

Chances are, Michelle will have something in common with you. Not only has she lived on both East and West coasts, she has spent considerable time living overseas.

With interests ranging from horseback riding to baking beautifully hand crafted cakes and cupcakes, she can relate to nearly everyone in group exercise classes.

Michelle has a Master's degree in Physical Therapy. With her background and emphasis on sports medicine, all of your workouts in Michelle’s classes will be safe and effective.  

Michelle is certified in BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyStep, and CxWorx. She loves helping people get fit in a safe, fun, friendly environment.




June - Amy Cook

Amy began teaching HI-LO aerobics back when leotards and legwarmers (she actually knit her own) were the exercise fashion. Though she didn’t know it at the time, her instructor abilities started blooming at Bedford High School where she was a three year varsity cheerleader.  After high school, Amy continued to stay active by hiking and jogging. She discovered the recreation department in town offered a Jazzaerobics, a privately owned trademarked class. Twice a week you could find Amy and her friends dancing, somewhat a little rigid - remember it was a fitness class, to 80’s Pop hits like Flash Dance, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Physical and Centerfold.  After a year and a half of being a participant Amy was approached by the Jazzaerobics instructor inquiring whether there was an interest in teaching.  Amy didn’t have to think twice, the answer was YES and that’s how it all began.

Over the past 30+ years as exercise fashion improved, Amy has extended her fitness instructor career to include: step, muscle conditioning, yoga and indoor cycling classes.  She brings her passion for teaching to a variety of venues including schools, churches, private corporations and fitness centers. Her certifications include: AFAA Fitness Instructor (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America), Mad Dogg - Spinning, YogaFit, FreeMotion’s RIP:60, Les Mills: BodyPump, BodyStep, BodyFlow, CXWORX and most recently an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Personal Trainer.

A graduate of Bentley College in Waltham, Amy is a full time accountant when not teaching classes. She has one adult daughter. During Amy’s free time, she enjoys running (always in training mode), yoga, cooking, reading, knitting, gardening and baking  - her specialty being cookies.


May - Deanne Dunmyer

I have always been a mover. In my youth,  I was a cheerleader, on the track team running mid-distances and I also took ballet lessons. After several years at the barre and in the back row of the annual dance recital, I realized my future promise did not lie in classical dance, but I continued running, began a bit of cycling, and enjoyed intramural sports.  Living and working in New York City in the early nineties, I took part in the growing gym culture attending the latest classes led by celebrity teachers at some of the most popular clubs in NYC, as well as taking class at the Martha Graham Dance and Peridance Studios where I was introduced to Pilates and Gyrokinesis. I have also been a student of Yoga, Capoeira, and Alexander Technique. An injury suspended all of these activities and pushed me into the pool for healing. It was in aquatics that I synthesized all of these movement modalities -- and made the symbiotic connection between cross-training and a whole well-body practice. A veteran instructor valued this diverse background and offered me my first certification course along with a teaching spot. Now I instruct about 8-9 classes each week in Aqua Fitness. With  respect for practice,  I use high energy music for fun yet there is a palpable mental focus in our time together on what you need to do physically to revitalize and release -- since the properties of water achieve both. You don't need to wait for an injury to get in the pool -- the hydrostatic pressure of the water increases circulation ands speeds muscle repair which improves and augments your on-land conditioning. After an aqua workout, the body and mind should feel as cool and clear as the element of water itself .


‚ÄčApril - Dimitra Moretto

I joined my first gym (parental signature was required!) at the age of 15 and got into weightlifting on a daily basis after school. I had no license and had to find rides to the gym in Cambridge, but I never wanted to miss a workout.

I started teaching Group Fitness at a small club in Watertown 12 years ago. My first certification was in Cardio Kickboxing and Cardio Sculpt -- and I never would have pursued fitness as a part or full time career had I not been asked to do so back then! It wasn't something I volunteered for, but so happy that someone noticed my skills. 

Teaching is important to me because fitness and a healthy lifestyle are such a huge part of my life, I love that I get to share that with others on a near daily basis. It works well when you believe in something and have passion for it. Others notice and want a part of it too. My job is to spread health and build strength in others. It's a privilege. 

There are so many significant memories over the past 12 years that have made me love my job... members overcoming illnesses, moms whipping their bodies back into incredible shape before my eyes, countless tryouts where I thought I didn't know what I was doing only to be hired on the spot (confidence boosters!), and classes that I had to give up that I miss dearly and won't ever forgot, obviously.

What I love most about my classes are the people. There have been SO many instances where driving to a certain location or continuing to teach at a certain club just no longer makes sense for me or my schedule and yet I find myself continuing to teach there for years after simply BECAUSE of the members that I see every week. They appreciate what we do and it makes it worth it.

Join me in Tabata on Friday and share my passion for Fitness.