Racquetball was created to be a fast-paced fusion of handball, squash and tennis while being very easy to learn how to play. The sport began back in the 1950's and popularity exploded in the 1970's with over 3 million players and this lead to the creation of many racquet sports clubs - including Waverley Oaks!

35 years later we are still proud to have racquetball as part of the full menu of activities you can participate in here at the Club. From beginners to experts, there are players here at all skill levels playing throughout the day and night.

From socials to leagues to fundraising events there are so many ways to get you out on the court even if you have never picked up a racquet before. We offer a complimentary hitting session to determine your level of play so we can then connect you with other members looking for partners.

When you are ready to hit the courts simply drop us a line at manager@waverleyoaks.com or fill out the form below:

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